1. No throwing food inside. Food fights must be either planned or taken outside.

2. We will clean up after ourselves. This includes after dinner and any games or activities we do.

3. No physical violence is allowed at any time. See rules below for verbal violence.

4. If you are upset by something that someone does or someone says - say something now so that we can take care of it now. We can't work something out if we don't know about it.

5. We will talk out our problems now - we will not go home angry.

6. What happens here stays here. What is said here stays here. You can say what you did or said outside the meeting, but you can't say what someone else did or said during the meeting.

7. This is not school - you don't have to raise your hand to talk. But you should respect others when they are talking.

8. We agree to really listen to what the other person has to say.

9. It is ok to disagree on things. We can live with different opinions and we will not put each other down for having opinions different from ours.

10. This is not a debate session - we aren't going to try to change another person's mind on something.

11. No cussing.

12. No spitting inside the buildings.

13. If the gorup feels it needs to add to or change these rules - we can meet and agree on other rules.