Centering Prayer

 Perhaps you looked at last week’s announcement and saw that the book that Centering Prayer is starting , was New Seeds of Contemplation. And perhaps you thought that contemplation is for monks in abbeys, not busy people with lots of duties and responsibilities.  Actually, contemplation helps to sharpen your judgment by bringing you closer to God.  And the best part is that we are discovering that it doesn’t take a lot of time to get results.  Clearly not  the results that monks get with years of practice, but still noticeable in one’s life.  Just 20 minutes of Centering Prayer daily for 5 or 6 months does bring noticeable results, and if you can manage 2 sessions you speed that up. 

It is not hard to do, and you cannot do it wrong unless you don’t do it.  Come, learn this technique.  W will be starting to discuss the first 3 chapters of Thomas Merton’s book next Tuesday.  We start at 7:30 PM and meet in the small conference room for one hour  that includes 20 minutes of Centering Prayer.  It is available electronically.